How We Work

We're Selective. To provide you with the highest level of service, we only work with a few select companies at a time. This allows us to become thoroughly familiar with your company, culture and business needs.

We Care. We want our company to be an extension of yours, as a candidate's first impression of your company often comes from us. Because we genuinely care that we match the right candidates with the right companies, we take the necessary time to get to know your specific needs. We only present a candidate to you after we have carefully screened him or her and determined that there is a good fit.


Whether your need is immediate or for some future date, the most important ingredient to our success and yours is HONEST, straight-forward communication.

Chub Ensminger, President of Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-North, Inc. has been a part of MRINetwork for over 30 years and is the foundation upon which Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-North, Inc. was founded and operates minute by minute. To him, honesty is the number 1 ingredient in the people he hires, the clients we work with and the candidates we place. If we have honesty, the work will be done with integrity, and trust will not be in doubt.


  • You can't work with people you can't talk WITH.
  • Don't chase people who don't want to be caught.
  • If you don't want the truth, don't ask the question.
  • You might not like the method, but you will like the results.
  • We are not trying to be the world's recruiter. We are only for those individuals with whom we can have a clear, up front, honest communication line. We are only as good as the information provided to us.
  • Never send candidates you know LITTLE about to companies you know NOTHING about.
  • Never jeopardize anyone's current employment

How We Charge

We won't compete with price, but with QUALITY.

We're Flexible. We understand that your hiring needs and priorities can change overnight. We also understand that we may only be one of a number of resources that you may use for your hiring needs. That's why we're flexible and offer a variety of services to help you meet your objectives, including:

  • Retained Search
  • Contingency Search
  • Project Search

For complete details on how we charge and how to engage us, contact us or complete our online Request Form.