Have you ever sent your resume to a "so-called recruiter" only to find out it has been pasted all over the internet or mailed out to companies without your knowledge? If so, what is wrong with that scenario? THAT SCENARIO is what we call "firing at the pile". It also breaks our rule of: Never send candidates you know LITTLE about to companies you know NOTHING about. AND last but not least, what happened to confidentiality?

Direct communication (talking with "the horse's mouth) is the only way to get complete information and the best understanding of any situation. Our direct contact with you One-on-One outlines our path for Defining Your Needs and finding opportunities you will consider.

Teaming with you, our job is to increase the odds for SUCCESS. This honest, up-front, straight-forward communication is not for everyone; therefore, we are not trying to be "the world's recruiter". But if that is the way you would like to work, then you can be assured, as thorough as we are with you the candidate, we are as well with our client companies.

You Are Never "In The Dark" When You Work With Management Recruiters Of Chattanooga-North, Inc. One-on-One.

Our recruiters are as close as your telephone, or your e-mail to assist you in taking control of those next career steps. We welcome the opportunity to work WITH YOU.

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