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Chub Ensminger
Phone: (423) 877-4040 ext. 110
Email: chub@inconfidence.com

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Entered the recruiting profession in 1972 as a recruiter. Made national top ten list in the second month. Earned every award offered during the first nine months.

Became a manager during his third year and consistently challenged the top offices in the country. Opened his first office, as an owner, in December 1977, in Chattanooga, tn. His sales division was the top national office in 1987, and his technical division was national top ten. The next year, he accomplished the same with the divisions reversed. His office established records for highest production averages as an office, and was the first office to produce over one million dollars (president's club) with a staff of only five. Served as a regional representative for over six years and was the first to serve as a regional rep for two divisions simultaneously.

Served as the first spokesman for the regional representatives to the corporate organization. Has served as an arbitrator within the organization. Was responsible for initiating the direction of the corporate entity toward a national telephone contract that saved millions of dollars annually for the entire organization. Pioneered a call accounting system that enabled managers and account executives a better understanding of time usage and increased productivity. Featured as a speaker for the largest recruiting firm of the world on both regional and national levels. Was appointed to the first national mentoring program for new and tenured offices.